photo by donna 2005,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Words are your tools
Your weapons of choice
Choose carefully to Hear
To understand and expect
Unexpected truths
Lie beneath the choice

Words are your power
Your wellspring of strength
Wield wisely the confidence gained
Conscience thought dictates
The answer to the question
To empower or to enslave

Words are your opportunity
Your source of inspiration
Brandish passionately to Create
The beauty and innocence
To fully embrace

Words are your wings
Your journey unfolding
The blossoms of dreams
The magic of hope
Nourishing your soul


Hall & Oates – “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”

Pennsylvanian Daryl Hohl… or as he is better known, Daryl Hall… had one of the_best band of musicians ever backing up his beautiful and wide range vocals. Daryl’s biggest musical influence is Philadelphia Soul and Rhythm & Blues. Daryl and his college roommate, writing partner and band mate, John Oates wrote some of the biggest Pop Music hits of the ’80s.

If you like a melodious brass sound, check out this one. The great Charles DeChant (Mr. Casual), lays down some fabulous flute as well as some totally righteous saxophone for our listening pleasure. Legendary stuff. DeChant also plays keyboards on many of Hall & Oates songs.

Michael Jackson “borrowed” the riffing bass line from “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” for his hit song “Billy Jean“.

Dig it!

A River Familiar

photo by donna, Big Spring Creek, Cumberland County, PA May 2010


A river familiar

my own alone

whispering with the many restless voices

Shadows and strange faces

race along the shore




blending into one

Mysterious muse on the move


just beyond the crowd beckoning

’round the curve of the horizon glowing

above the tranquility of sunset glimmering

below the brilliance of sunrise shimmering

amidst the luminescence of star-shine elusive

Wandering shores unknown

never alone,

Always my own

… Running Free… Like The Wind…

I was with some friends and my sisters… we were out walking… enjoying getting across a beautiful country park and gardens… seeing everything we could see before the end of the day…
We decided it would be better if we walked faster as we explored all along the way, so we began to trot… then we began to jog… then we began to run… it was fun…
We were running and seeing a myriad of strange and common things…
We were getting closer to being at the other side of the park… by the end of day when darkness would close in and we wouldn’t see much of all the whirling world around us…
I discovered that if we shed our clothing and shoes we could run faster …
We were running barefoot and free of constricting clothing…
As we ran faster and faster, the park filled with natural wonders…
We came to a pond covered in water lilies and I was running so fast I was in the middle of the pond… in water up to my neck before I could stop…
I thought of alligators and creatures under the water and turned as fast as I could and tried to swim quietly and very quickly to shore where I had entered the pond…
Even though it was just as far across to the unknown shore…

All was well… and I caught up with my friends and sisters…
One of my sisters said that if she braided my hair, I would be able to run even faster because my hair wouldn’t get in my eyes and blind my vision…
I agreed and we took a quick break while she and one of the friends braided my hair with beautiful pastel-colored ribbons intertwined…It looked great…
A wind came up as they were doing my hair… They had to fight it a bit but they were able to braid my hair with great success… We began running again and…
I was in the lead because I was running like the wind… the ribbons dangled a bit at the ends and fluttered in the breeze as I ran… I liked it… it wasn’t distracting at all, more like an exciting challenge to get the colorful ribbons to flutter into my field of vision… the ribbons looked like a rainbow…
And I was running along it…

Watercolor painted with Water Chemical Testing Kit and Sharpie Marker by one of my sisters

I can’t remember anything specific that happened next… except that my clock radio went off waking me to some unrecognizably hard music…
I would have liked to have stayed running in that dream… it was enlightening and I saw so much along the way and I was free…
I was free …
Morning has broken…

Time Melts Away

photo by donna

Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania   photo by donna

Laying the book on the table beside her, the silver-haired woman turns her gaze to the serene view through the window.

Time seems to melt away…
A young girl, long blonde hair streaming behind her like golden ribbons in the glow of the morning sun, runs through the meadow.
Her heels seem to catch the warm summer breeze as she nimbly leaps over the small brook that meanders its way from the mountain headwaters forming a natural and informal border between the meadow and the wild blueberry patch at the edge of the forest.
Reaching the blueberry patch, she slows to a walk and then stops to catch her breath for a moment before deftly plucking a handful of plump ripe blueberries from the low bushes.  The girl adjusts the old, but sturdy, knapsack that is slung over her shoulders and begins popping blueberries into her mouth savoring each berry one by one as she continues on the familiar path leading into the sanctuary of the forest.
Entering the coolness of the forest, beams of warm sunlight stream down through the canopy of long reaching branches of tall pin oak and eastern white pines.  The girl’s senses are filled with the aroma of dried pine needles fallen in seasons past.
She removes her worn canvas sneakers baring the soles of her feet to the comforting sensation of the fallen pine needles which softly cover the forest floor.
Stowing her shoes in her knapsack, she sets out upstream on the path following the contours of the mountain stream. She setttles into an easy pace listening to the melodious music of the mountain stream as it dances and swirls over and around the sandstone pebbles and cobbles rounded by the waters of uncounted years.
In the near distance, a woodpecker strikes an echoing staccato tattoo.
She arrives to her favorite spot; a natural undercut in the stream bed has created a small waterfall and she steps into the eddy at the base of the falls.  The water is cold but feels delightfully refreshing.
Stepping back up onto the stream’s shallow bank, she is careful not to disturb the beautiful lacy moss covering the forest floor like a delicate carpet.
Shaking the knapsack from her shoulders, she plops down on the ground leaning back against a large tree and sighs in delight as she takes the book from her knapsack…
Time melts away…
…As she turns her gaze away from the window, a smile warms the age-worn face of the woman. Slowly, she reaches to pin back a renegade tendril of her long silver hair that has somehow managed to escape the thick braid loosely tied with a ribbon of gold.

The Moment Of Dawning

photo by donna ~ Backyard Maple Tree ~ summer 2013
The moment of dawning
just before the sun
rises on the horizon
The countryside landscape
lifted from darkness
by soft rays of light
Misty fog of morning dew
lays low upon the meadows
Like wisps of smoke rising
from the smoldering embers
of yesterday
Shadows quickly fading
into beautiful shades of gold and green
Stripping bare obscurity
revealing mysteries of simplistic grandeur
on nature’s canvas
The moment of dawning
pushing through the twilight
Breathing sweet fresh life
into the rebirth of a new day
Dreams of tomorrow
and inspirations renewed